Hardanger Juice and Cider Factory

Hardanger Juice and Ciderfactory grows a wide range of apple which are processed into tasty beverages such as its highly acclaimed apple cider, juice, dessert wine and brandy. The farm offers tours and cider-tastings, as well as a selection of goods in their farm shop.


Welcome to Hardanger Saft- og siderfabrikk in Ulvik!

Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk is a part of the Fruit and Cider Route in Ulvik - the only of its kind in Norway! Here, local farmer Nils Lekve produces apple juice, cider and apple brandy made from the juicy apples of his apple orchards. Both small and large groups can book guided tours into the production facilities and around the farm, with tasty samples of the end products as the tour is concluded. The farm also dons a farm restaurant (seating capacity 80), with a diverse menu of traditional Norwegian dishes and desserts. Round off your visit by dropping by the farm shop and bring a little piece of Ulvik with you.