Trolltunga winter with Trolltunga Adventures

Visit Trolltunga during winter on a guided hike with Trolltunga Adventures! Available from March-May.



Join Trolltunga Adventures on a winter adventure to the world's most spectacular rock formation, Trolltunga.

Trolltunga offers spectacular experiences all year round, but you get that little extra on the winter trip with Trolltunga Adventures. In addition to avoiding the long queues to take pictures, you get a completely different encounter with the landscape with several meters of snow on the ground. The hike, which offers views of high peaks, deep valleys, and roaring waterfalls, is with a guide and extends over 10-12 hours. Price per person is 1650 NOK. Necessary equipment, lunch with local ingredients, hot drinks, and snacks from the region are included in the price. See Trolltunga Adventures' websites for a complete overview.

Welcome to a spectacular experience with Trolltunga Adventures!




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Trolltunga winter with Trolltunga Adventures
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