Hiking in Hardanger

Trolltunga, Dronningstien, Lake Bondhusvatnet, Mount Oksen. There is no shortage of well-known hikes in Hardanger. Here in the region, you will find several of the most popular and spectacular hikes Norway has to offer.

Did you know?
Two of the most popular hikes in Norway are located in Hardanger?
In Hardanger, you will find many hikes available all year round?
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Whether you want to explore the mountain peaks or just want to stretch your legs, you will find well-suited hiking destinations in the entire region. Here you get a complete overview!

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The Hardanger Code Of Conduct

1. Camp only in designated areas

Built-up areas, rest areas, parks and parking lots are exempt from the statutory Right to Roam.

2. Leave no trace

Avoid leaving any trace, such as cairns, tent pegs, etc. Allow others to have the same great experience that you’ve had.

3. Follow the path - avoid the creation of new paths

4. Throw your waste in the bins

If you are in an area without bins, take your waste back with you for proper disposal.

5. Use public toilets

If none are available, dig a pit in the ground. Avoid using wet wipes, as they take a long time to decompose.

6. Respect private property

Camping closer than 150 meters from an occupied house or cabin is forbidden. You can camp on cultivated land only by permission from the landowner.

7. Be considerate in traffic

The roads in Hardanger are narrow, so be extra cautious. Keep well clear of cyclists when passing them. Be especially mindful of bicycles in tunnels.

8. Ban on fires

Between 15 April and 15 September, there is a ban on open fires. Use designated sites for campfires, and make sure there is no risk of a forest or brush fire.

9. Respect wildlife

Avoid disturbing animals unnecessarily. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

10. In the interest of the environment

as well as your own experience and safety, we recommend activities organised by an activity company. You can find a list of such companies at www.hardangerfjord.com

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