Hike to Melderskin "Queen of the Sunnhordland mountains"

The Melderskin hike starts from the center in Rosendal, in Kvinnherad. The hike up takes about 4 hours, and from the 1426-meter-high summit you have a fantastic view of the sea, the fjord, the surrounding mountain landscape, and parts of the Folgefonn Glacier.


Melderskin is often called the "Queen of the Hordalandsfjella".  The cairn on the flat top plateau was built by Norway's central institute of mapping in 1913. The cairn is protected by the Norwegian Mapping Authority. At the top you will get a magnificent view of the sea, fjords and mountains, and Folgefonna.

Start and end point: Kletta

Parking: Follow the road sign "Melderskin" from the center of Rosendal to the parking space at the stop sign at Kletta

Marking: Information board at the parking lot. Follow an unmarked road for approx 300 m, before the path turns up towards Skarshaug. T-marked with vardar and sign.

Altitude difference: 160 - 1426 m.a.s.l.

Time taken: 4 hours up, slightly less down.

Hike description: From the car park 300 m along the road, before the path turns up towards Skarshaug. The path first goes into open fields and mixed forests. Above the tree line, the path follows small ridges and valleys, the special Rindane. The first peak, Skarshaug, is halfway to Melderskin. The last stretch up here is secured by Sherpas from Nepal with stairs. Nice view. The valley to the southeast is Hattebergsdalen, an important gateway to the Hattebergvassdraget and Folgefonna National Park.

Further up, the surface becomes more rock and has little vegetation. An unexpected experience is the blanket of moss and the fresh water in Holo, before the final ascent to the top. Snowdrifts often lie here all summer.

From the top of Melderskin on good days there is an absolutely incredible view in all directions, well worth the trouble of the trip up.

Access with your own car
From Bergen, follow the E16 to Trengereid. Further towards Eikelandsosen and Gjermundshamn. Ferry to Årsnes. From Årsnes 9 km. south to Rosendal. Follow the road sign "Melderskin" from the center of Rosendal to the car park at the stop sign at Kletta.

Access by public transport
It is possible to get to Rosendal by ferry to Årsnes, via Odda and the Folgefonn tunnel, or via the Halsnøysambandet. You can also come by ferry via Skånevik. Alternatively, there is a fast ferry from Bergen to Rosendal with daily departures. There is also a bus connection. See skyss.no for timetables.

Nature and terrain