Enjoy a fresh fjord bath and a steaming sauna at Heit Grimo Sauna on the west side of Sørfjorden in Hardanger. Beautiful views of the fjord and mountains.



Along the road between Odda and Utne, on the west side of the beautiful Sørfjorden, you will find Heit Grimo Sauna. Idyllically located on the historic quay in Grimo, you can enjoy the view of the lush nature and the majestic mountains that characterize the area.

Heit Grimo Sauna is a self-service facility but will be heated up and ready to use upon arrival. Therefore, pre-booking of the sauna, which has a capacity for 9 people and uses electric heating, is necessary. In addition to the sauna, an outdoor shower with a beautiful view has been set up.

A tip from the hosts is to bring some local apple juice and/or cider from Hardanger to enjoy in the sauna. It's incredibly convenient that you find parking (also for caravans) and a grocery store just a stone's throw away. In the area, several local juice and cider producers are also easily accessible by car and on foot. For those who wish, it's also possible to dock with a boat along the quay.

The historic Utne Hotel is just a short drive away (4.5 km).

Welcome to a fresh fjord bath and a steaming sauna at Heit Grimo!




Price (NOK)*
7-9 people
4-6 people
1-3 peeople
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