The most beautiful hikes in the region

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There are plenty of beautiful walks in Hardanger. The combination of mountain, fjord and glacier landscapes offer numerous possibilities. Here are some insider tips on which tours you should choose when you are in Jondal or the surrounding area.


- The contrasts here are unique. The distance between the fjord and the glacier is so short that you get an unbelievable variety of nature experiences within one day. In other words, you do not have to wait for weeks to explore scenic and seasonal contrasts.

Countless hiking opportunities

That is what Åsmund Bakke from the Folgefonni Glacier Team says. The experienced glacier guide from Jondal has already spent thousands of hours on the fjord, in the mountains, and on the Folgefonna glacier. In other words - few have a better knowledge of the diverse hiking opportunities and can tell you which tour you should explore when visiting the region.

- There are many different alternatives - both in summer and in winter. And the best thing is, there is something for everyone. You can find everything from easy tours that can even be taken with a stroller to longer day hikes in more challenging terrain, says Bakke.

To make it easier for you, the experienced outdoor man has picked out four of the best tours in this part of Hardanger.


- The mountain Saksaklepp is outstanding! It is the highest mountain in Jondal, and from the peak, you can see the Folgefonna glacier, the fjord, and large parts of Hardanger all at the same time. This is simply a wonderful trip.


When Bakke is not hiking on bare ground, he usually is on the glacier. Guided glacier tours on Folgefonna have been a regular activity offer since his brother Jostein, and his friend Bård started Folgefonni Breførarlag in the mid-90s. Every summer, the glacier guides are ready to give you a truly unique nature experience.

- This is our most popular tour, on which you will experience the glacier at its most beautiful. Depending on the wishes of our guests, we adjust the level, and everyone between 7 and 80 years of age can participate. You can choose whether you want to enjoy a quiet, easy glacier hike or prefer to ice climb in the 30-meter-deep crevasses. The glacier tours start at the new welcome center by the Folgefonna Glacier and last about 5-6 hours.


- Paddling on a mountain lake that borders the glacier is an adventurous experience. There is no more beautiful setting.

Paddling a kayak on a glacial lake is something special! And, as far as the ice conditions allow, you can not only observe the glacier from the water, but you may also go onto the glacier with your guide. This excursion takes 6-8 hours and starts at Lake Møsevatnet, and you do not need to be in particularly good shape. The kayak tour itself is easy, and it is usually only a few meters from the kayak to the ice.


- This is a nice, quiet, and educational walk, on which you can explore traces of the first settlements in Hardanger, around 9000 years back in time. The hiking trail is well marked, and there are several information boards along the way. This is an easy (green difficulty level) tour that is suitable for everyone.

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