The hike to Nortveite takes you through idyllic landscapes, and when you arrive you are awarded with great fjord views.

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Hike with Agatunet, Norway's largest cluster-building hamlet, as both starting and finishing point. The terrain starts out flat, then gets more steep along the trail. A  hike that leads you through an exciting and interesting cultural landscape.  Approx. 2 hours return.

Follow the gravel road upwards about 200 meters until you see sign to Agastølen, Nortveite, in the NW direction. Continue this road, after about 400 meters you will see sign marked Nortveite. This track passes meadows, deriduous and conifer woods, on rocks and on boggy land. A nice trail with lookout points at about 1,5 km. The track is well marked and passes 2-3 brooks, the last one on the cotter`s farm. Even now, at only a 100 masl, the view is impressing.

From Nortveite you can also follow a track upwards to Agastølen – a summer farm – situated at 400 masl. This track is steep and well marked, but in damp weather there can be slippery parts. Climbing ladders is a part of the hike.

The trail can be combined with other trails in the area, shown on

Danger of avalanches in the winter.