Breidsete - Glomsdalsskardet

Breidsete - Glomsdalsskardet

A demanding hike in wild mountain landscape and varied terrain.

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Starting point

Take road 105 from Jondal towards Folgefonna. After 2.6 km (just before the bridge at Byrkjeland) leave the main road on a right hand fork. If you continue by car this is a toll road.  After about 1.5 km you arrive at a narrow bridge crossing the river at the intake for the Stølsdalselva power plant at Byrkjeland, which was opened in 2009. If you have to open the gate at the end of the bridge, please remember to close it again after passing. The road continues another 2.2 km up to the cabins at Breidsete. There is an information board and a good car park. Parking at own risk. The information board at Breidsete gives information about all the hikes which start or stop here.

About the trail

Walk back 100 m, down the road from the car park and sharply down to the left on a path which crosses the river at the bridge. The path undulates through woods and marsh, past some cabins and onwards to a path junction at Torsnesmyrane. (Here you can change over to the marked hike to Fjellstøl). Continue towards Fjelltveit. The path is around the edge of the marsh, partly in the woods and partly marsh. At one point you have to cross a stream. This might mean having to wade during the snow melting or after heavy rainfall. On arriving at the mountain cabins of Fjelltveit you can find the hiking signs at the bridge. (Here you can change over to the marked hike to Torsnes.) Continue towards Glomsdalsskardet. You follow up the Glomsdalen valley. The final incline up to the lake, Skaratjødna is increasingly steep and takes you up to the wild mountains. (There is a path going on and down to Nordrepollen but it’s not marked.)

Parking: see "starting point"
Parking fee: free, but you have to pay a road toll fee to drive to the parking. 
Length: 5,6 km
Total walking time: 7 hours
Season: July - October 
Difficulty/ grading: Black, extra demanding.