Cross country skiing course - Trolltunga Active

Attend the guided cross country skiing course with Trolltunga Active, suitable for beginners to learn good techniques to use on the slopes. The guides will make sure that you are left with both new knowledge and incredible winter adventure memories.



In Norway, there's an expression saying that Norwegians are born with skis on their legs. This may not be literally true, but cross-country skiing is at least a big part of Norwegian sports. Do not miss the opportunity to learn and understand why this is the most popular winter activity in Norway.

Rental of skis and ski poles is included in the price. In this course the guide will show you the best techniques for keeping the balance on your skis as well as teach you to be comfortable with this method. In other words, this is an activity suitable for those with no or little experience.

Otherwise, we can guarantee a stress free, fun and exciting winter activity, and beautiful snow covered nature surroundings. The guide is also your

photographer on the trip.





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