Combine the hike with a boat trip. The boat Halnekongen gives you a ride from Halne Fjellstugu (located by the main road rv7) 13 km into the Hardangervidda mountain plateu.



From there you have a fantastic starting point for hikes in the national park.

The nearest mountain lodges are Heinseter and Rauhelleren, and a lot of people stay a night at one of those before continuing further into the mountains or returning to Halne. There's also a lot of options for day trips. The terrain is easily passed and fit for everyone. 

You can set up your hike yourself, but if you would like a guide or suggestions for hiking routes, you're welcome to contact us. We can set up the hike to meet your wishes.

On rv7 there are buses going to Geilo and Eidfjord and Halne Fjellstugu can also arrange with transport.

You are of course welcome to enjoy a good meal made from local groceries at Halne Fjellstugu after a nice hike in the mountains.

Boat route: The boat har two quays close to the national park: Sleipa and Skaupa. One option for a day trip is to hike from one quay to the other. You'll have time to look around and have lunch.

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