Nice round walk by the Vøringsfossen waterfall

Walk around the Vøringsfossen area including the old Vøringsfoss bridge and the spectacular step bridge.

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Park at the main parking lot by the Fossli Hotel (approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Eidfjord).

Walk the paths around the Vøringsfossen area. These include the spectacular step-bridge and the viewing platforms below the Fossli Hotel. New this year are viewing platforms on the right hand side below the step-bridge all the way to the Fossatromma parking lot right next to Route 7.

We recommend 0.5-1,5 hours for the walk around the Vøringsfossen area. The walk is not difficult, but parts of it might be slippery and you will need good sneakers.

Our suggestion: start at the parking lot at Fossli, walk to the viewing platforms below the Fossli Hotel, and follow the path to the left, down towards the step-bridge. Don’t cross the step-bridge yet, but continue on the path to the old stone bridge (1915), follow the old road and make a right and continue down the steps to the river. There’s a nice view point right below the step-bridge. Thereafter continue on to the step-bridge, go past the bridge to the left to enjoy the view from the new viewing platforms. Go further along the view points at Fossatromma to the old road. Go back to the step-bridge, walk across the bridge and continue on back to the parking lot at Fossli.

Alternatively you can park at the new parking lot at Fossatromma and do the hike in reverse.

From the old road at Fossatromma you can walk approx. 2 km down the Måbødalen valley to the trail that leads to the bottom of the waterfall. You can hike to the old bridge crossing the river below the waterfall, but the bridge is closed due to it being un-safe, so please do not attempt to cross it.

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