Ulvik from a view! Experience the small town from a unique point of view with one of the many spectacular hikes in the area. Whether you want high-altitude dizzying heights or easy strolls along the orchards, Ulvik has a trail for you.

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Ulvik has a variety of marked hikes in arresting areas in its vicinity. Between bountiful orchards, glistening fjords and steep mountainsides, options are plenty as you embark on a journey to catch some of the best views in Ulvik. 13 trails are marked with signs, indicating the difficulty and direction to be followed. Some popular hikes include:

- Kvasshovden Opp. 0-1030 m above sea level, marked trail, 7.5 km. Start at Ulvik Fjord Hotel. Some parts are steep and challenging, but the view from the top makes it all worth while.

- Osa-Osasete. Marked trail, medium-difficult round trip 3-4 hours to a summer pasture farm at the top of narrow Norddalen valley. Start from Osa.

- The Old Postal Road between Granvin and Ulvik. 3 hours one way through a mountain between Ulvik and Granvin. Medium difficult hike with some spectacular sights in the mountain and when descending into either town. Start either from Granvin or Ulvik.


Maps and information handbooks are available at the Tourist Office in Ulvik. Drop by and we will help pick out the best hikes for your interests and needs.