Kvåle - Vassenden

The hike from Kvåle to Vassenden offers fantastic views over the Folgefonna glacier.

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Kvåle - Vassenden 

Starting point

Take road 105 from Jondal towards Folgefonna glacier. After 8.0 km you arrive at the Folgefonna road junction. There is an information board on the right hand side describing hikes in this area. By the road junction you drive across the bridge over to Krossdalen. After 1.0 km look for the hiking sign for Knutstøl. The hiking trail takes you through the farm buildings at Kvåle. Please ensure that your parking does not cause any obstruction. If there’s someone home at the farm please ask them for advice. Parking at own risk.

About the trail

Walk pass the farmhouses and through the gate leading to the meadows. The path moves steeply up from the meadows and through a gate. It continues up the steep, wooded trail. Once above the tree line, you arrive at the mountain cabin at Knutstøl. Enjoy the great views of the Folgefonna glacier and the surrounding mountains. The trail (which can be a bit muddy in places above the tree line) continues over the shoulder and then fairly steeply down to the cabins at Vassenden. The path down through the woods is good. Vassenden is a connecting point for several hikes. The hikes are described on the information board which can be found down by the lake. 

Parking fee: free
Length: 3km
Total walking time: 3,5 time 
Season: May - November 
Difficulty: red, demanding