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Food experiences in Hardanger

Taste your way through the best food plate Norway has to offer

From cider and apple juice to lamb meat, cured sausages, and jams, Hardanger is a region with rich traditions when it comes to food and drink.


Fine restaurants at home and abroad spend significant amounts of time and money sourcing good ingredients in the Hardangerfjord region. Fortunately, you do not have to travel far to enjoy great food experiences. Here in Hardanger, you are set up to taste distinguished flavours and dishes seamlessly.

In addition to the magnificent nature, the region is perhaps best known for the fruit and cider from Hardanger. But we also have strong lamb, beef, and fish traditions.

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One cannot avoid mentioning gems like "krotakaker," "mjølkekaker," and "potetkaker," which have been made in countless old farmhouses and bakeries around Hardanger for generations. The same can also be said about our mountains. In addition to finding enormous amounts of berries - such as blueberries, cloudberries, and cranberries - we have countless fishing lakes, all containing delicacies of various kinds. The same goes for our fjords and rivers.

But even though it is an option, you do not have to fish, pick, or prepare your own food. In Hardanger, you will find a wide range of restaurants that serve dishes made with local ingredients. Everything from hotel and farm restaurants to cafes and sales booths along the road. The common denominator is that they satisfy the taste buds of most people. And the best part? The options are many!

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