Eldhuset Gardsrestaurant

Taste authentic traditional food made with local ingredients at Eldhuset Gardsrestaurant at Spildegarden in Øystese. Daily service and cider tasting during the summer.



At Eldhuset Gardsrestaurant at Spildegarden, you can enjoy traditional Norwegian cuisine with a local twist. The chefs create all dishes from scratch, harmonising local ingredients with nature. At Spildegarden, the chefs harvest ingredients directly from the farm, making the dining experience extra special.

Whether you're looking for lunch or dinner, the restaurant offers dishes that satisfy most tastes. In other words, there's something for everyone! Spildegarden offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The former is located in the historic "eldhus," while the latter boasts a fantastic view of the fjord, Folgefonna, and the mountains of Hardanger.

A visit to Spildegarden, also suitable for larger groups, can be combined with a cider tasting for those who wish. All ciders are also produced on the farm in Øystese.

The restaurant serves daily from 11am to 5pm during the summer, with cider tastings at 4:30pm. Cider tastings, lunch, and/or dinner are available year-round for groups.

Welcome to Eldhuset Gardsrestaurant at Spildegarden in Øystese.