Ski touring with Hardangerfjord Adventure

Join Hardangerfjord Adventure for magical ski touring around the Hardangerfjord! Panoramic views towards the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier and surrounding mountains.


The mountains surrounding the Hardangerfjord are perfect for ski touring! Amazing views and great skiing makes it  Hardangerfjord Adventure offer guided ski tours throughout the winter season, to mountains like Torefjell, Byrkjefjell, Skrott, Manfjell, Fagraseteeggi, Geitafjell, Tveitakvitingen, Vesoldo/Tørvikanuten, Onen, Oksen and Gygrastolen. The guides in Hardangerfjord Adventure are locals and know where to find the best views and the greatest skiing, but also have the necessary knowledge for safe skiing.

The ski tours are customized to meet the groups expectations, skill level and needs but the weather forecast, snow conditions and avalanche risks are always taken into consideration before going on any ski tours. Hardangerfjord Adventure also offer all inclusive packages where accommodation, dining, transport, cider taisting, rib safari, skiing equipment etc. can be included. 


Every year Hardangerfjord Adventure hosts a pre-packed ski touring weekend included guiding, accmmodation, dining, cider tasting, rib touring and other activities.