Guided hikes – Hardangerfjord Adventure

Explore the spectacular mountains in the middle of Hardanger on a guided and tailored hike with Hardangerfjord Adventure.



Hardangerfjord Adventure offers guided trips on requests to local gems, summer mountain pastures, viewpoints, and spectacular mountaintops around Norheimsund, Øystese, Strandebarm, and Jondal. In this area, you will have a high chance of getting some peace and quiet with local guides surrounded by the beautiful fjord landscape. Hardangerfjord Adventure is happy to customize the journey according to your wishes and needs!

Easy trips (2-3 hours): These are easy hikes well suited for families, beginners, and smaller groups. They are mainly on gravel roads and/or small paths to lakes without any particular height increase or shorter trips with a slight height increase to available vantage points with a great view. Fitjadalsvatnet, Krokavatn, Skårsete, and Vikedalsnebbet can be mentioned as some of the guide’s personal favorites.

Medium trips (3-5 hours): These hiking trips give a superior view over the beautiful fjord landscape and valleys! The trips suit people in average physical shape and small groups. The hike starts at around 250-400 meters above sea level before walking up a path that leads to a magnificent view from various mountaintops, 900-1100 meters above sea level. These hiking trips often go to the local favorites such as mount Torefjell, Tørviknuten, and Klyvenuten.

More challenging trips (5-10 hours): These hikes are challenging and longer than the rest. The hikes are approximately 15-25 km long and move along mountaintops at around 800-1400 meters above sea level. They either have a panorama view over the fjord/mountains or an extraordinary view over the fjord branches and valleys. The trips are well suited for people in good physical shape and smaller groups. These trips are also customized to each group, but often will one of the favorites such as Vikanuten, Kiellandbu, Fuglafjell, or Manfjell end up on the hiking plans.

Experience Hardanger together with Hardangerfjord Adventure! They offer guided boat trips with RIB all year round, guided hiking trips by foot, and guided summit hikes by skis. Daily trips with RIB from Øystese or group trips on requests from villages such as Norheimsund, Øystese, Jondal, Herand, Strandebarm, Rosendal, and Lofthus. In addition, they also offer boat transport to and from the roadless village of Botnen, located deep inside the fjord branch in Fyksesund. Guided hikes by foot are done with smaller groups on request and goes along hidden treasures along the fjord - mainly used by the locals.