Buer Restaurant

Buer restaurant offer a warm, authentic and down-to-earth atmosphere and is surrounded by tremenduous views towards Buarbreen glacier and massive mountain tops. The chefs have experience from Michelin restaurants and makes the most delicious courses based on daily fresh local ingredients and combined with the spectacular nature a visit to Buer restaurant is truly a magical experience.

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Surrounded by dramatic nature by the entrance of Folgefonna national park Buer restaurant is located in an amazing barn building in Buerdalen valley. As a part of Buerdalen valley national park farm Bjørn and Elisabeth Buer have created a world-class restaurant where you get to experience culinary courses based on local ingredients in season. The chefs, which have experience from Michelin restaurants in Bergen, serves plate dishes during lunch time and 3- or 5-course dishes with a wine package that is varied every month in the afternoon/evening. Buer restaurant has an authentic and short-travelled food philosophy where day fresh ingredients in season from the fjord, mountains, forest and pastures around the restaurant are used to make the most delicious courses. Within the wooden walls of Buer restaurant a warm, informal and down-to-earth atmosphere meets you and welcomes anyone regardless of if you wish to treat yourself to a nice dinner or comes straigth out of a hike in the surrounding mountains. 

Buerdalen valley, located 9 km from the centre of Odda, is known for its dramatic nature with massive mountain sides, rushing riversides and Buarbreen glacier, one of Folgefonna glacier's glacier arms, which spreads down the mountain side in the heart of Buerdalen valley. Since the tourists started to come to Hardanger Buerdalen valley has been one of the most popular destinations, and not without reason. Beside the fact that Buerdalen in itself is really spectacular Buerdalen valley also is a great starting point for several breathtaking nature experiences. Here are paths that lead to panoramic tops like Jordalsnuten and Reinanuten, and also a path that take you through the valley and all the way up to the foot of Buarbreen glacier. And if you are of the extra adventurous type Hardanger Breføring offer guided glacier hikes at Buarbreen glacier. 

At Buer national park farm both animals and humans live a great life. The cows, which are Scottish highland cattles, have become an own unique attraction at Buer. In the basement under the restaurant there is a sheep barn and if you are lucky you can get a glimpse of the lambing during spring through a glass window in the floor. A visit to Buer restaurant is a full experience packed with impressions where spectacular nature and unique flavours are intertwined.