Iris Expedition Dining - Salmon Eye Floating Restaurant

Iris Expedition Dining offers a unique journey of taste experiences on a 18-course tasting menu. Iris is located at the floating art installation and visitor center for aquaculture Salmon Eye, in the middle of the picturesque Hardangerfjord.



Iris Expedition Dining offers a unique food experience in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. This exclusive restaurant is located at the art installation Salmon Eye, which also serves as a visitor center for the aquaculture industry. As a guest, you get to experience the total package: the fjord, mountains, and the ever-changing elements in Iris enviroments. 

The restaurant experience at Iris is a journey. It all starts with a boat ride aboard one of the fully electrical boats Malm and Melder from the centre of Rosendal to chef Anika Madsen's boat house on Snilstveitøy where you are presented the menu for the evening and served a welcoming snack. The journey continues on to Salmon Eye, where you get to experience a multisensory experience.

With a magnificent view of the fjord and mountains, Iris takes you through their 18-course tasting menu, where each dish is unique in taste and experience. If the weather permits, one of the courses will even be served on the rooftop, grilled over an open flame for you to enjoy in the fresh fjord air. At the end of the evening, you will be transported back to Rosendal by boat, marking the end of your journey. Combine the restaurant experience with a tour of Salmon Eye to learn more about the seafood industry.

The experience, including the tasting menu, costs 3200 kr per person. At least two people are required to book the tasting experience.


How to get to Salmon Eye and Restaurant Iris?

There are several ways to reach Rosendal, where Salmon Eye and Restaurant Iris are located. Here are some options:

From Bergen:

By car:

Via Gjermundshamn ferry terminal: 2.5 hours

Via Tørvikbygd and Jondal: 3 hours

Hardangerfjordekspressen Rødne: A fjord cruise that takes less than 2 hours from Bergen to Rosendal. This can also be boarded from Bergen Airport Flesland.