Halne Fjellstugu is located at the entrance of Hardangervidda National Park, 1140 masl. RV 7 goes by right outside, giving the lodge a unique accessibility for most people. Here you can stop for a plate of home cooked food and a short trip in the mountains, or do a longer stay with wonderful days combined with exquisite food and tranquility.


The name Halne also means halfway, and it was in this area that the bishop of Stavanger exchanged his companions when he crossed the Hardangervidda on bispevisitases.

We are open from early winter to early October. We can also arrange for private arrangements outside the season.

Running a mountain lodge at Hardangervidda makes for a unique lifestyle. You have to be passionate about nature, weather and wind, and not least know the joy of sharing it with others. We take pride in providing visitors with experiences they’ll never forget. Whether you stop for a plate of home cooking or want to stay with us.

Halne is a place for everyone. People come here to find peace, fish mountain trout, ski, hike or kite in the wilderness. For us who work up here it is important to share the knowledge we have about the place, hiking opportunities, where the wind blows best for kiting and, not least, the result of all the time we put down in the processing of the raw materials around us.

After 20 years as a host at Iungsdalshytta, the transition to Hardangervidda has become mild for Geirmund Tormodsgard. Together with Ingar Dalen, he bought Halne Fjellstugu in 2016, which has been run as a family business since it was built in 1933. Now the lodge grows into a new era and we look forward to sharing experiences with our guests.

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See you at Halne!