Hardangerfjord Adventure

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through majestic fjord branches with Hardangerfjord Adventure. Feel the thrill of RIB boats and delight in stunning nature as expert guides reveal the secrets of this enchanting landscape!



Join an unforgettable adventure with Hardangerfjord Adventure! They offer RIB safaris on the Hardangerfjord through scheduled tours from the fjord villages of Norheimsund, Øystese and Ulvik. The tours from Norheimsund and Øystese go to the magical fjord branch Fyksesund - the narrowest part of the Hardangerfjord - with precipitous mountain sides and roadless hamlets. In Ulvik, the tours go to the impressive Hardanger Bridge and the fjord branch Osafjord with its beautiful fjord landscape and old roadless hamlets.

Hardangerfjord Adventure also offers private group tours on request from most town ports in the Hardangerfjord region which can be tailored together with hiking tours, food and cultural experiences to give you the best memories of our visit to the Hardangerfjord. In addition, they offer boat transport to and from the secluded hamlet of Botnen, which lies deep in the Fyksesund fjord branch without a road connection.

Scheduled RIB tours depart from Thon Hotel Sandven in Norheimsund, Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese and Brakanes hotel in Ulvik..

If you are looking for a unique hike, Hardangerfjord Adventure also offers tailor-made guided tours for smaller private groups on request.

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Some of their tours:

Basic fjord safari from Øystese (90 min)

Fyksesund fjord safari from Øystese (60 min)

Hardangerfjord and Fyksesund fjord safari from Norheimsund (90 min)

Hardangerfjord and Osafjord RIB safari from Ulvik (60 min)

Guided hikes in Norheimsund and Øystese

Ski touring with Hardangerfjord Adventure