- We live in the middle of thousands of possibilities

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Local delicacies, glacier- and mountain hikes, and scenic nature - the local enthusiast Elisabeth Wesenlund Hauge has plenty of insider tips for those who wish to visit her region.


- If still we residents see our region’s beauty, it must be uniquely beautiful for visitors. We live in the middle of thousands of exciting opportunities.

Local engagement

Local politician, farmer, tourist host, and local food producer - these are only some of the many roles that Elisabeth Wesenlund Hauge (41) has. She is a “Harding” with many interests. Her driving force is to support the positive development of the local community, of which Elisabeth has been a part of her entire life. She simply would like to give something good back, both to the community, but also to the visitors. In her opinion, they should have a stay in Hardanger that is as good as possible.


Together with her husband Bjørn and her children Brita, Gina, and Ola, she does exactly this - giving visitors good experiences. At the National Park Farm at Buer in Odda, in the municipality of Ullensvang, the family receives around 30,000 tourists every year. Some come to get to know the farm and greet the highland cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. Others use the National Park Farm as a starting point for hikes to the Buerbreen glacier or the Reinanuten summit. Together with the farm shop and guided glacier hikes, visitors to Buer and the National Park Farm are certainly not lacking in alternatives – there are many of them!

- We live from agriculture and tourism that are in harmony. Be it the local specialties, nature, the animals, or other reasons that motivate our visitors; we like to share the best that Buer has to offer with our guests. Even if families with children are our main target group - we have interesting offers for everyone.

- And the best thing is that I can do all of this together with my family, says Elisabeth.

Buer is known as an ideal starting point for several beautiful hikes and great nature experiences. It has therefore been a popular travel destination for as long as there have been tourists in Hardanger. So, the family’s hospitality is no coincidence.

For generations, the inhabitants of Buer have given advice and travel tips to visitors. And now Elisabeth & family have taken over this. Here are Elisabeth’s best insider tips for your Hardanger holiday.


- Lilletopp is a not so yet well-known highlight. It is part of the Kraftmuseet museum and is accessible by a fantastic hike. The hike takes less than an hour. When you arrive at Lilletopp, there is an exciting opportunity to visit the water tunnels of the old hydropower station inside the mountain.


- The drive along the west side of Sørfjorden and further along the old road between Utne and Jondal is simply breathtaking. Along this beautiful route, there are several cider farms, bathing areas, the well-known pizza restaurant in Herad, and a beautiful cultural landscape.


- Visiting the Mikkelparken amusement park is a perfect activity for families with small children and is recommended!


- The sauna at Børve, directly by the fjord, is a great experience! Here you can relax with friends, jump from the pier in front of the sauna straight into the refreshing Hardangerfjord, and enjoy Hardanger at its best.

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