Biking: Fjord Route Oksen Peninsula

Biking:  Fjord Route Oksen Peninsula

Explore the massive Hardangerfjord on a bike ride to Oksenhalvøya.


Bu-Hardanger bridge-Vallavik-Tjoflot

Park close to the picnic area at Bu close to the Hardanger bridge. From the picnic area there is a road for pedestrians and bicycles down to the bridge, and across. The fjord view from the bridge is great. At the north side of the bridge at Vallavik a local road FV 302 “Tjoflotvegen” takes you along the northern bank of the Hardangerfjord to Tjoflot. You have great view to several branches of the Hardangerfjord on this route.

NOTE: on road Fv 302, soon after Vallavik,  there is an approximately 500m long tunnel without any lighting. You need good front and rear lights on your bike, and to wear a high-visibility waistcoat, so that local drivers will see you in the tunnel.

Distance: Bu-Hardangerbridge-Vallavik: approx. 16 km. Ascent/descent approx. 50m.