Espeland - Espelandsgryting

A hike along an old trail that was used to lead livestock to summer pastures. The hike goes through steep and varied terrain with great views.

Contact information


Starting point

Drive from Jondal towards Folgefonna glacier. After ca. 1 km you will pass Espeland, and on the right hand side there is parking with enough space for 3-4 cars. There is also an information board here. 

About the trail

This trail was used in the old days to lead livestock to summer pastures at Byrkjesete and later at Espelandsgryting. The trail goes up Espelandslie to Liastøl, which is an open field that was used for milking in the old days. The trail continues upwards on a forest road/tractor road, which ends at Longemyrane where you will continue the hike in forest terrain. This part of the trail is steep until you reach a great viewpoint (called Framtunutsikten) where you see Nedre Krossdalen from above. 

The hike continues in steep terrain until you reach Byrkjesete. Byrkjesete is an old homestead farm belonging to Espeland farm. The houses were moved to Espelandsgryting when they started using this area before 1850. You can see remains of houses there. 

You will meet an area of marshland as the hike continues, so this part might be a bit wet. You will soon find yourself above the treeline, at Daurmålshaugen. The view here is great. The hike continues in mountain terrain. If you do the hike early in the summer you might meet some snow. At Hattavarden you are at the highest point of this hike, before the trail continues down towards Espelandsgryting. 


Parking: See "starting point" 
Parking fee: free 
Length: 4,6km 
Total walking time: 4 hours
Season: May - October 
Difficulty: Red, demanding