Embark on unforgettable husky adventures at Folgefonna husky camp - situated on Norway's third largest glacier! Exciting dog sledding, scenic husky hikes, puppy cuddles, and unforgettable overnight exercursions.



Join the famous Norwegian adventurer Moa Hundseid and her huskies on Folgefonna glacier for an unforgettable outdoor experience! Folgefonna Husky camp offer thrilling husky tours - exciting dog sledding, scenic husky hikes and unforgettable overnight exercursions. Get to know their charming huskies, cuddle husky puppies, and experience the unique campsite with crackling fires, cozy reindeer skins, authentic Sami tents and appetizing local cuisine. 

Season: May-July

Their tours: 

Half day tour: A half day of dogsledding amidst the stunning landscapes at Folgefonna Glacier. Duration: 4 hours, price: 3700 NOK

Overnight tour: Their most unique adventure! Spend a half day of dogsledding before you spend the night in their campsite at Folgefonna glacier. Duration: 20 hours, price: 6900 NOK

Husky camp visit: Visit their unique campsite at Folgefonna glacier and spend some quality time with the cutest husky dogs and puppies! Duration: 3 hours, price: 1200 NOK

Husky hike: Embark on a magical hike at Folgefonna glacier together with the huskies - this is truly an unforgettable experience! Duration: 3 hours, price: 1200 NOK



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