Hestadalen - Breidsete

A hike in mountain terrain with mountain farms and lakes along the way.

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Starting point

Take road 105 from Jondal towards Folgefonna. After 8.0 km turn right just before the bridge. Close to the road junction there is an information board with details of hikes in the area. This is a toll road for those continuing by car.  Hestadalen is about 6 km further up the road. Look for the big parking spot on the right side of the road, where you will also find the hiking sign marking the tour to Breidsete. Parking at own risk.

About the trail

On an easy mountain path you pass the valley, Hestadalen and turn westward over Svartevassleite. Look for the hiking sign at the small lake, Svartevasstjørna. A good trail skirts around the north side of the large lake, Svartevatnet and brings you to the mountain cabins at Osadal. Following the trail you will find the hiking sign. After crossing the bridge the rest of the hike continues on the south side of the watercourse, towards Gamle Osadal, around Osadalsvatnet and along Langevatnet. In order to get to the next lake you leave Langevatnet at the hiking sign for Klippe. The path goes up to Klippe and then sharply down to Grytingsvatnet and then along the lake until you meet a path junction and a hiking sign showing routes to Flatabøgryting and Breidsete.  (The mountain cabins at Flatabøgryting can be seen on the opposite side of the lake.) Follow the sign marking the route to Breidsete. The path goes steeply down to the small lakes, Jondalstjørnane, after which it takes you (steep again) down beside the waterfall. The last part of the hike follows the river and is a bit marshy in places until it arrives at the mountain cabins at Breidsete, where you can find an information board with details of the hikes in the area. There are enjoyable fishing possibilities in the many lakes you pass on this hike.

Parking: See "starting pointt". 
Parking fee: free, but you have to pay a road toll fee to get to the parking. 
Length: 8,3 km
Walking time: 4 hours each way 
Season: June - October 
Difficulty: Red, demanding