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2022 Instagram Highlights

2022 was a spectacular year in so many ways. Let’s look back on some of our top Instagram moments from 2022.

A Summers Day in Ulvik - in September!

September is normally one of our first fall months and the time when the local fruit farmers start harvesting crisp apples from the thousand of orchards. However, last September a rush of summer came to Hardanger and made the harvesting season feel like a warm summers day.

Ulvik is one of our idyllic fruit villages situated in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. This is definitely the place for finding calmness and inner peace surrounded by astonishing nature.

Glacier Adventure at Buarbreen Glacier

Is this scenery even real? You've might heard of Folgefonna glacier but what about Buarbreen glacier? Buarbreen is Folgefonna's smallest glacier arm. Small or not, it is still one of the most breathtaking sights around.

Explore the glacier up close on an adventurous glacier hike together with Hardanger Breføring. A raw and unique experience that is bucket-list worthy for sure. NB! Walking onto a glacier should never be done without qualified guides and equipment.

Five of the most instagramable places in Hardanger from 2022.


Nature & Architecture in Sweet Harmony

When glancing towards the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall you of course want to take in the massiveness of the 182 m tall waterfall from all angles possible. Luckily for you the new viewpoint area by Vøringsfossen makes just that possible! Modern architecture merged together with spectacular nature.

Voringsfossen x Yrjan Olsnes 2021 WEB 9858

The main viewpoint area with the step bridge raging over Måbødalen valley was built in 2021, but the remaining viewpoints will be completed in 2023. This makes the view of Vøringsfossen more accessible for everyone who wants to see it, including wheelchair users.

Vøringsfossen waterfall is a part of the Norwegian scenic route Hardangervidda, which is considered one of the most beautiful routes in Norway.

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Espenes rest stop - A break-worthy view

Traveling through the Hardangerfjord is like traveling through a gallery of exquisite artwork, and you might want to glance more out of the car window than on the road. But do not worry - new rest stops are popping up along the road, making it possible to take a break and really enjoy the beautiful view.

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Espenes rest stop opened along Norwegian scenic route Hardanger in 2022 and this 64 meter long and 4 meter wide steel construction with 12 ceiling modules in different heights really makes an impression. Espenes is best described as classical nature meets modern architecture.


Lake Bondhusvatnet - A Glacial Paradise
Lake Bondhusvatnet
might have been one of the most visited spots in Hardanger in 2022 - and no wonder why. Besides the breathtakingly beautiful scenery the glacier lake is easy accessible for everyone.


The hike to Bondhusvatnet takes approx. 1 hour and goes along a gravel road. This makes it possible for both electrical wheelchairs and strollers to reach the lake as well. At the lake we can glimpse Bondhusbreen glacier up among the mountain peaks.

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