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Day trip from Bergen to Rosendal

Visit Rosendal: Your Gateway to Natural Beauty

Visit Rosendal – A Must-see village by the fjord!


Discover Rosendal, a charming village nestled amidst majestic mountains and the shimmering Hardangerfjord. Rosendal is a gem that offers exceptional experiences in both nature and culture.

The Hardangerfjord Express takes you on a scenic journey from Bergen city center to Rosendal. The journey itself is an adventure, where the open and dramatic coastal landscapes gradually give way to towering mountains. A perfect day trip adventure!

Visit Rosendal hardangerfjordekspress

The Hardangerfjord Express docks in Rosendal, conveniently located near the Tourist Information and the Folgefonn Centre. At theFolgefonn Centre, you can explore and learn fascinating insights about life in the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna National Park, and climate change. It serves as an excellent introduction to experiencing the surrounding landscapes.

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You can experience a lot in just one day in Rosendal. Start your adventure at the Folgefonn Centre, where you can also get valuable tips at the Tourist Office.

From the pier, it's a short stroll to the charming little shopping street, Skålagato. Here, you'll find cozy boutiques and cafés in the heart of Rosendal.

There are several hiking trails that you can embark on from the center of Rosendal. If you're up for a challenge, both Melderskin and Malmangernuten are popular hikes. Skålafjell, Skjethaug, and Myrdalsvatnet offer shorter alternatives.

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Steinparken (Stone Park) in Rosendal is a delightful place to visit for visitors of all ages. The little ones can rent wooden boats, and playing with water never goes out of style.

In the Dinosaur House within Steinparken, you'll find stories, exhibitions, and films about natural and cultural history. Out in the park, you can wander among stone blocks of different rock types sculpted into artworks. But Steinparken is about more than just stones. Here, you'll discover tales of the history of life on Earth, human history, and the Viking treasure from Hatteberg.

Take a break at the cozy café and explore the store with jewelry stones, fossils, treasure chests, and much more.

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Baroniet Rosendal is the main attraction in Rosendal, renowned for its rich cultural program during the summer. Consider combining your visit to Baroniet Rosendal with a concert and dinner for an unforgettable experience.

In Rosendal Have (Rosendal Garden), you'll find the magnificent Rose Garden. The whitewashed castle / manor house and the mountains in the background create a breathtaking sight for those who come to experience the castle, garden, and landscape. The garden has evolved over several hundred years, reflecting changing styles and trends in the art of gardening. Here, you can immerse yourself in over 300 years of garden history!

Be sure to set aside enough time to enjoy a delicious lunch at Rosendal Have Café and Shop.

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Salmon Eye Iris Rosendal
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Join an exciting adventure outside of Rosendal at the innovative Salmon Eye Visitor Center. This inspiring center aims to inform and motivate us to secure the world's food needs through sustainable aquaculture.

The journey begins in Rosendal, where you board one of the all-electric boats, Malm or Melder. These boats take you on a journey to Salmon Eye, located on the north side of Snilstveitøy.

To experience this, advance booking is required, and available dates can be found HERE.

Embark on an exploration of the future of sustainable food production and let yourself be inspired by Salmon Eye!

Iris Expedition Dining offers a unique food experience in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. This exclusive restaurant is located at the art installation Salmon Eye. As a guest, you get to experience the total package: the fjord, mountains, and the ever-changing elements in Iris enviroments. A must-see when you Visit Rosendal!