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How to experience Trolltunga

In Hardanger, you will find the most spectacular rock formation in Norway. When standing on the plateau and floating 700 meters above lake Ringedalsvatnet, it is easy to understand why tourists from all over the world come to experience Trolltunga.

Important information
The summer season for Trolltunga is June 1st - 02nd October.
It is recommended to go with a guide to Trolltunga. Experienced hikers can go without. Outside the summer season, one has to go with a guide.
The weather in the mountains changes quickly. Read the weather forecast carefully before the trip.
Plan your trip. See Trolltunga.com for important information before the adventure to Trolltunga.

Tourists have come from all corners of the world to Hardanger for hundreds of years. One can choose between several iconic and well-known attractions here in the region. Still, Trolltunga sails forward as one of the most recognized - if not the most famous icon in Hardanger and Norway. Here you'll get a unique experience you do not get anywhere else. The feeling when standing on the tip of the tongue, floating 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet while glimpsing the Folgefonna glacier in the background, is difficult to describe in words. It is one of those things you simply must experience for yourself. This page has all the information you need before the hike to Trolltunga. Everything from transport and packing list to guided tours with and without accommodation.

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Hiking without a guide

The hike itself

Do you plan to go without a guide? Trolltunga is a long and demanding expedition, so you must prepare well! Read up here before embarking on an adventure in the Norwegian mountains.

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Trolltunga has three different parking areas.

P1 Tyssedal has 220 places and costs 300 NOK for one day. The estimated walking time from P1 to Trolltunga is 15 hours round trip.

P2 Skjeggedal is the main starting point, has 180 places, and costs 500 NOK per day. Here, the estimated walking time is 8 - 12 hours round trip.

P3 Mågelitopp is a private car park with space for only 30 vehicles. This parking costs 600 NOK for one day, but an additional toll of 200 NOK comes on top. This parking area must be booked in advance! The estimated walking time from P3 is 7-10 hours round trip.

There are shuttle buses between Odda, P1 Tyssedal, and P2 Skjeggedal. From P2 Skjeggedal, there is a shuttle bus on to P3 Mågelitopp.

See here for more detailed information on parking and transportation.

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The Hardanger Code Of Conduct

1. Camp only in designated areas

Built-up areas, rest areas, parks and parking lots are exempt from the statutory Right to Roam.

2. Leave no trace

Avoid leaving any trace, such as cairns, tent pegs, etc. Allow others to have the same great experience that you’ve had.

3. Follow the path - avoid the creation of new paths

4. Throw your waste in the bins

If you are in an area without bins, take your waste back with you for proper disposal.

5. Use public toilets

If none are available, dig a pit in the ground. Avoid using wet wipes, as they take a long time to decompose.

6. Respect private property

Camping closer than 150 meters from an occupied house or cabin is forbidden. You can camp on cultivated land only by permission from the landowner.

7. Be considerate in traffic

The roads in Hardanger are narrow, so be extra cautious. Keep well clear of cyclists when passing them. Be especially mindful of bicycles in tunnels.

8. Ban on fires

Between 15 April and 15 September, there is a ban on open fires. Use designated sites for campfires, and make sure there is no risk of a forest or brush fire.

9. Respect wildlife

Avoid disturbing animals unnecessarily. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

10. In the interest of the environment

As well as your own experience and safety, we recommend activities organised by an activity company. You can find a list of such companies at www.hardangerfjord.com

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