Grotnes - Grønrimb

A hike in forest terrain and mountain terrain to Grønrimb, with great fjord views.

Contact information


Starting point

Follow road 107, going south from Jondal centre. After about 5.5 km take the first road leaving to the right at the roundabout. After another 8.1 km you arrive at Grotnes. You can find the information board and the hiking sign for Grønrimb on the right hand side of the road. If arriving by car find a parking spot by the turn off. It might be possible to park up at the farm, in which case you must ask permission, and park there as instructed. Parking at own risk.

About the trail

Go passed the farm buildings and through a gate. The hike is initially on a woodland path until you reach the mountain cabin at Smaladalen. From here on it’s more of a highland terrain with a good view of the fjord. You are now about half way and the path flattens out but gets marshier. After passing the lake, Lomavatnet the trail continues steeply down to Vesla Raunlivatnet. (Here you can connect with the hike to Kysnes.) Continue towards Grønrimb. This will bring you down to Stora Raunlivatnet, which is not far from Grønrimb. There you can choose to move over to the other hikes that are shown on the information board at the main road. 

Parking: see "starting point"

Parking fee: free

Length: 4km

Total walking time: 4 hours

Season: May - November 

Difficulty/ grading: Blue, medium