Hardanger Skyspace

Hardanger Skyspace is one of the well-known art installations by the American artist James Turrell. Through a colorful light installation, you can watch and experience sunrises and sunsets in a special way. The Hardanger Skyspace is part of the Kabuso Art Centre in Øystese.

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The light installation Hardanger Skyspace, you can find right by the fjord, near the Hardangerfjord Hotel, in Øystese. Hardanger Skyspace is an eye-catching, octagonal building with an opening in the roof and seating inside. A light installation with changing colors is started at sunrise and sunset, giving you a unique experience of sky and space. Weather and season also will influence your experience - so every visit is unique!

Hardanger Skyspace is one of several worldwide Skyspace art projects by the American artist James Turrell, who is particularly known for these installations. The installation in Hardanger is part of the Kabuso Art Centre.

Using the ticket booking function on the Hardanger Skyspace homepage, you will find out what time of the day the installation will run.