- I fell completely in love with the beautiful nature and all the hiking opportunities

Celine Jessen

Hardanger holds several of Norway’s most popular hikes, like Trolltunga and H.M Queen Sonja's hike, but there were more reasons that made Celine in Trolltunga Adventures fall for Hardanger.


Celine Jessen came to Hardanger for a short summer adventure on Trolltunga but got mesmerized by everything Hardanger had to offer. She beams with joy when she talks about how amazing it is to have panoramic hikes right outside the door. What was supposed to be four short months guiding tourists to Trolltunga turned into a whole lot more when she really got to see what Hardanger had to offer. Today, five years later, she is the CEO of the guiding company Trolltunga Adventures and even though several of her work tasks now are administrative she still go on guided hikes with adventurous guests all year around. Celine got a bachelor degree in marketing and sales management and has always loved to work with people.

- I love to work close upon others and create memorable experiences for the people around me.

It is clear that she really loves what she is doing as she enthusiastically describes the hikes she has guided to Trolltunga with both Norwegian and foreign guests.

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A Complete Adventure Package

Joining a guided hike to Trolltunga is an adventure package full of memorable impressions. You’re not only getting a safe journey to the destination but you also a complete wilderness experience in company of enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides. The guides show you hidden gems along the way and bring you close upon the untouched and wild nature. If you choose to go on an overnight hike you also get experience a beautiful sunset and sunrise by the spectacular rock formation.


A Record Summer

For Celine and Trolltunga Adventures the summer season this year went been better than anyone had ever imagined. Fully booked tours and a huge interest in guided tours have resulted in entering 2023 with a major investement in new product packages and a bunch of new employees. The main attraction is the amazing winter adventure Trolltunga Husky Walk with their brand new polar guide the adventurer Moa Hunseid and her sled dogs.

- This is a product we have dreamt about for so long and we are beyond excited to let our guests experience a snow covered Trolltunga in amazing company. Trolltunga during winter with less people and snowy surroundings is quite unique.


Set Aside Enough Time For Hardanger

The guests visiting Hardanger are impressed by how beautiful Hardanger is and how much there is to experience. The untouched nature and silence combined with panoramic views towards fjord arms, mountains and glaciers really place a special effect on the visiting guests.

- The majority of our guests tells us that they regret not planning more time in Hardanger.

People visiting Hardanger often plan to e.g. visit Trolltunga or the Queens hike and then travel to other places in the country. A lot of people get surprised when they first come here and get to see all the opportunities that exist here and they wished that they could have stayed longer to really get to experience what Hardanger got to offer.

Easy Accessible Panoramic Views

Celine got a bunch of great tips for the ultimate Hardanger experience. In Hardanger you don't have to go far up in the terrain to get the characteristic panoramic fjord view and just a stone throw away from Trolltunga there are several hikes with amazing views. Some of Celines favourites are:


Hardanger After Hike

In Celine's opinion, a visit to Hardanger isn't complete without a real After Hike. Combining hiking in beautiful surroundings with relaxation and amazing food experiences by the fjord really tops the Hardanger adventures. Here are some of her favourites after a long day in the mountains:


- The restaurant Ferskvaren, located in the centre of Odda, is also a great place to stop by. Amazing atmosphere and delicious local food really makes the visit complete.

Explore Hardanger

Trolltunga Husky Hike - Guided tour with Trolltunga Adventures

The perfect combo of cuddles, hiking and nature exploration! Join Trolltunga Adventures and adventurer Moa Hundseid and her gang of huskies on an amazing husky walk to Trolltunga.

Guided overnight tour to Trolltunga - Trolltunga Adventures

Experience the Trolltunga at sunset and sunrise – join this fantastic overnight tour offered by Trolltunga Adventures and their professional guides. All necessary equipment and main meals are included.

Trolltunga winter with Trolltunga Adventures

Visit Trolltunga during winter on a guided hike with Trolltunga Adventures! Available from March-May.

Lilletopp - Kraftmuseet

Try a short summit tour in Hardanger! Lilletopp in Tyssedal offers a fantastic view over the Hardangerfjord.


Jordalsnuten in Odda offer a spectacular panoramic view towards majestic mountains, the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier and deep valleys.


Eidesnuten in Odda got spectacular views towards the Hardangerfjord, Sandvinsvatnet lake and the mountain areas surrounding Odda.


A 360 degree panoramic view towards the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier and the Rosendal alps from the great Gygrastolen.


Hanakamb got it all: Breathtaking fjord views, sparkling turquoise lakes, Folgefonna glacier and green valley sides. This hike really show the true beauty of Hardanger.

Heit Sørfjorden Sauna

Heit Sørfjorden Sauna offers a steaming sauna and a fresh bath in the fjord! Enjoy the view of the fjord, mountains, and glaciers from the beautiful sauna on Børve, 5.7 km south of Lofthus. The sauna is located a...


Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local ...

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