6 Reasons to visit Hardanger this winter

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Experience the Hardanger region during winter time and see the fjord landscape in a different attire. A wide range of activities, attractions and accommodations are available all year around.


Treat yourself to a break from everyday life and experience Hardanger during winter time. This season invites you to a totally different fjord and nature landscape compared to summer. Hardanger is so much more than blossoming, cider and lush nature. The region offer a great selection of activities, attractions and tours which are available all year around. And the best part? Visiting Hardanger during winter gives you the region almost all by yourself. If you got a weekend free or some days off work Hardanger is the place to visit.

1) Easy Accessible

All roads lead to Rome is a saying. This can also relate to Hardanger. The region is easy accessible by bus, car, plane and train, and along the road you travel past one nature gem after another - making the travel an adventure. There are short distances between great experiences in Hardanger.

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Imagine waking up in this comfortable and see through dome at Trolltunga! It doesn't hurt to have the spectacular mountain formation to yourself either.


2) Great Highlights All to Yourself

Every year tourists from all over the world come to Hardanger to experience Trolltunga. It's the same for H.M Queen Sonja's hike, which have exploded in popularity the last years. Unfortunately, during summer time you might have to wait in line for several hours to get that iconic Trolltunga picture. However, during winter you get the rock formation almost all by yourself. Trolltunga Active offer different guided tours to Trolltunga during winter, one of them even let you stay the night!


3) A Bunch of Opportunities

Some of us wish to experience Trolltunga or the Queen's hike without the summer crowd but of course that is not for everyone. Several only wish to find inner peace and Hardanger might be one of the most ideal regions to do exactly that. Exhale and check in at Hotel Ullensvang. Let yourself be blown away by the sight of the amazing waterfalls in Fyksesund from a RIB boat or visit the cider farms which just finished this years batch of cider and apple juice. The Hardanger region got a wide range of alternatives for everyones liking.

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Enjoy a cup of coffee and get blown away by the beautiful nature in Ulvik from Hardanger Panorama Lodge. Perfect for friends, couples and families!


4) Short Distances Between Great Experiences

Massive mountain sides, rushing waterfalls and vivid villages. It is not hard to understand why so many of us have fallen in love with the Hardanger region. Both along and on the Hardangerfjord - the second longest fjord in Norway - you come close upon great nature- and cultural experiences all year around. The many attractions are spread around the whole region and it is easy to transport from one attraction to another. In other words you can combine skiing 1300 meters above sea level in Røldal ski resort with a relaxing sauna visit in Heit Sørfjorden Sauna the same day. In Hardanger, the word "contrasts" gets a totally new meaning.

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5) Safe and Sound

Hardanger makes it easy to retreat and recharge. A visit to Hardanger during winter feels safe and sound and as there are fewer tourists in the region you really get to disconnect from the busy everyday life. How about sinking into a toasty hotel pool surrounded by Norway's largest fruit garden or spend the night in the treetops in on of our charming tree top huts? Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, your partner or your family, it is soul soothing to spend the night this close to nature - in peace and quiet with a view unlike any other.

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6) Culinary Eldorado

Hardanger is not only known for its beautiful nature but are also amazing at food and dining. Along the fjord you find food producers, hotels and farms which all serve or sell locally produces treasuers from the region. A great example of this is Hardangerfjord Hotel which the last couple of years have invested in locally produced food and cider from Hardanger. Few, if any, can boast a larger cider cellar than the newly renovated hotel in Øystese. PS: A great tip is to combine a stay at the hotel with a refreshing swim at Hardangerbadet and a guided RIB tour to the narrowest fjord arm of the Hardangerfjord, Fyksesund.

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We could have made a hundred reasons to why you should experience Hardanger during winter, but we hope that some of these tips triggered your curiosity. In need of more tips for fun activities in Hardanger? Check out our inspirational page or follow us on social media and find inspiration for your next Hardanger adventure!

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