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Experience the Magical Christmas Season in Hardanger

In December, the Hardangerfjord is filled with pure christmas magic. Enjoy warm moments in national-romantic surroundings as you feel the christmas spirit come sneaking in.

The Christmas season in Hardanger brings warmth, charm and tranquility, and every nook and cranny prepare to welcome the holiday season. In Buerdalen at Buer restaurant, the majestic mountain and glacier landscape is covered with a white blanket of snow. - And with direct views from the restaurant windows to this breathtaking sight of nature, one can enjoy fantastic Christmas meals and warm beverages.

In the middle of the charming fjord town Odda, there is also a magical Christmas atmosphere this time of year. Framed by massive mountain sides and a drizzle of powder snow, the old industrial town transform into a magical Christmas village. From Hardanger Hotel the distances are short for exploring the Christmas in Hardanger.

Take a stroll along the fjord and catch a glimpse of the iconic view of the colorful houses of Odda or walk through the small shopping street in the heart of Odda. Christmas spirit is guaranteed when visiting one of the many local merchants in the city.

Nestled in Sørfjorden, Utne Hotel proudly carries a legacy of over three centuries of local history. With a commanding view of the frozen fjord and expansive mountain vistas, it is hard not to get in that Christmas spirit. Enhanced by exquisite homemade Christmas cuisine and heartfelt hospitality, a visit to Utne Hotel unfolds like a true Christmas tale.

As the December days settle over the Hardangerfjord, the region is enveloped in a pure Christmas magic atmosphere. Come and enjoy the Christmas season in Hardanger.


The Hardangerfjord is known for its traditions, quality craftsmanship and local food, all of which truly come to life during the Christmas season. If you're fortunate, you might encounter one of the many Christmas street openings in the Hardangerfjord villages or get to visit the fantastic Christmas markets where you can buy products like local lamb, smoked salmon, apple juice, homemade mittens, wooden figurines and more.

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Yrjan Olsnes x Visit hardangerfjorden 05042

Christmas is the time for festivities, and in Hardangerfjord Christmas provides a culinary journey through the region's rich culinary heritage. Several hotels and restaurants offer Christmas menus crafted from te finest local ingredients, feautring traditonal dishes like lamb ribs, smoked salmon, "lutefisk", and the fines classical Norwegian desserts of "måltekrem" and rice pudding.

Utne Hotel and Thon Hotel Sandven offer Christmas menus in historical charm, while Trolltunga Hotel and Hardangerfjord Hotel present locally sourced ingredients in modern elegance. The Cider House Ola K creates a rustic Christmas atmosphere with local delicacies. It's challenging to choose where to go for this year's Christmas feast, but common for them all is the genuine Hardanger style Christmas meals and atmosphere.

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The Christmas experiences in Hardanger are diverse, and whether you want to enjoy delicious meals in festive company or simply wander around in the tranquility of the scenic winter landscape, some of the Christmas magic will definitely rub off on you too.

Welcome to the Christmas season in the Hardangerfjord!

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