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A historic castle, majestic mountains, and a dramatic landscape with impressive contrasts - in and around Rosendal, you will find some of the best the Hardangerfjord region has to offer.


In the municipality of Kvinnherad, which is located where the sea becomes a fjord, the contrasts are impressive. By taking the Rødne boat from Bergen to Rosendal, you will experience this remarkable transition from sea to fjord at close range. See how the open and dramatic coastal landscape merges into the so-called Rosendal Alps, a landscape characterized by high, steep mountains. Melderskin, Gygrastolen, and Ulvanosa are particularly striking peaks that you will notice.

The glacier lake Bondhusvatnet, near Sundal, and the Bondhus glacier are also impressive and worth a visit. There are beautiful hiking trails both here and in other parts of Kvinnherad. Regardless of whether you are planning longer or shorter hikes, the alternatives are many. Should you prefer to explore the area by bike or by boat on lake Myrdalsvatnet, you can rent equipment from the tourist information in Rosendal.


If you want to make the most out of your visit to Rosendal, we recommend a guided tour. The professional Folgefonni Glacier Team guides are ready to show you the very best of this mighty nature. How about a kayak tour on a glacier lake with a direct view of the adjacent iceberg?


You should also not miss the Baroniet Rosendal. The castle from 1665 is known for its well-tended landscape park and its rich cultural program. But you can also come to just enjoy a light meal in the cozy garden café. And while talking about cozy cafés, you should also check out Elins Matgleder in Rosendal. Elin’s restaurant and café serve tasteful dishes and sell homemade delicacies such as juices and jams.


Regarding historical buildings - you should also pay a visit to the Halsnøy Monastery from about 1100. In beautiful surroundings, it is located at the beginning of the Hardangerfjord. The monastery is part of the Sunnhordland Museum.

Another attraction is the farm Guddalstunet, which received the “Olavsrosa” award in 1993. Here you can visit the Gallery G. Guddal, an art gallery also offering accommodation and a café. The gallery has a varied program and has changing exhibitions with works by both well-known and less-known artists.


Are you still unsure what to do? Then we recommend you to visit the tourist information in Rosendal. In the same building, you will also find the Folgefonn Center with exciting and interactive exhibitions. Here you will learn more about the Folgefonna National Park, life in the Hardangerfjord, the water cycle, and climate changes. In addition to the Folgefonn Center, also the Stonepark is perfect for families with small children. In short walking distance from Rosendal town center, the Stonepark offers a large stone collection, sculptures, and a dinosaur house.


In and around Rosendal, you will find various accommodation options, everything from modern hotels to traditional providers focusing on sustainability. A complete overview you can find here.

Welcome to Rosendal – combining some of the best Norway has to offer!

Suggestions for your stay in Kvinnherad


Glacier Kayak -Folgefonni Breførarlag

A unique kayak tour amid icebergs and mighty nature. See Folgefonna glacier up close, glide across crystal clear water and be amazed.


Folgefonn Centre

The Folgefonn Center is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. It includes modern, interactive exhibitions on topics such as geology, climate, the water cycle, and life in the Hardangerfjord. The Folgefonn center is easy to reach, for instance by speedboat from Bergen.


Baroniet Rosendal

Baroniet Rosendal is Norway's only barony and Scandinavia's smallest castle. The barony is centrally located in Rosendal and is known for its cultural program and its rose garden.


Gallery G Guddal

At the beautiful Guddal farm 5 km south of Rosendal there is an art gallery with a café and rooms for hire. The farm has a long and interesting history, and was awarded the "Olavsrosa" from Norwegian Cultural Heritage...


Halsnøy Monastery

Feel the history and take a trip to Halsnøy Monastery. In the historical area, which dates back to the year 1163, there are guided tours, exhibitions, lectures and concerts throughout the year.


Rosendal Stone Park

The stone park is located centrally in Rosendal and is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. Here you can see a collection of different types of stone from the region and exhibitions with prehistoric themes.


Lake Bondhusvatnet

Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad is a popular destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short and not demanding and you can do it all year round.


Furebergsfossen waterfall

The Furebergfossen waterfall is situated along route 551 between Årsnes and Sunndal. The waterfall flows under the road and directly into the Maurangerfjord, and arm of the Hardangerfjord. The waterfall follows the st...


Hike to Ulvanosa from Uskedalen

Location Uskedalen Overview Cross the bridge and follow the forest road to the left. After approx. 1 km, you will reach the lime station owned by Uskedalen Elveeigarlag (Uskedal River Proprietor Organization). Fr...


Hike to Svelgabreen glacier

Location Blådalen. The south end of Folgefonna Overview The car ride from Omvikdalen to the Matre intersection and further on the nice tarmac service road is an experience in itself. Sunnhordland Kraftlag As (SKL...


Hike to Malmangernuten from Hattebergsdalen

Start and end point:  Fossberg, at the entrance to Hattebergsdalen Parking: Follow the sign "Baroniet" from the quay area in Rosendal to the road sign "Fossberg" in the road section before the Baroniet. Parking s...


Hike to Malmangernuten from Rosendal

The Malmangernuten hike, which takes about 4 hours in total, can be started from the Rosendal Fjordhotel in Rosendal. The summit is at 890 meters above sea level and from here you have a great view over Rosendal, the neighboring towns and the Hardangerfjord.


Hike to Melderskin "Queen of the Sunnhordland mountains"

The Melderskin hike starts from the center in Rosendal, in Kvinnherad. The hike up takes about 4 hours, and from the 1426-meter-high summit you have a fantastic view of the sea, the fjord, the surrounding mountain landscape, and parts of the Folgefonn Glacier.


Hike to Skålafjell (Navarhaug)

Location Rosendal. Overview From the parking lot by the church, the distance to Bjørke is approx. 500 meters. Gravel road (toll road) without markings for 1.5 km to Åsvodl where the road flattens. The sign there ...


Hike to Hattebergsdalen

Location Rosendal. Overview Through the Baronihagen Park to the main road behind the Baroniet. On a quality gravel road past the Hatteberg farms and through Hattebergsdalen to Murabotnen where the road ends. ...


Hike to Skålafjell

Parking, start and end point: Kvinnherad church. Marking: Sign for Kvinnherad church from the quay area in Rosendal. Sign pillar by the church. From the car park 500 meters to Bjørke, where an information board i...


Kvinnherad Church

Kvinnherad Church, also known as the Kvinnherad Cathedral, is by many regarded as one of the most beautiful medieval churches in Norway. The stone church, which was built around the year 1250, and has been one of four...


Sundal Camping

Sundal Camping is situated in the beautiful Maurangerfjord, a part of the Hardangerfjord. The campsite is located on the shore of the fjord in Sunndal with views towards the Bondhus glacier, the Bondhus valley and the...

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