Footpaths in Eidfjord

Eidfjord has a wide range of footpaths. Read more.


- Hæreid, scenic and historical walk from the centre, 75 min. (yellow route), read more here

- Lægreid, walk from the centre along the fjord and admire our "knitted trees", view the Old Church from 1309 and visit Trebua woodshop, 1 hour (blue route). Map at the Tourist Office.

- Kjeåsen, steep footpath to a mountain farm 530 m above sea level. 3-4 hour round trip. Read more here

- Simadalselva, 3 km path along river bank. Suitable for wheelchairs. Read more here

- Hike around the Vøringsfossen waterfall, read more here

- Måbøgaldane in Måbødalen valley. 3 hour round trip, read more here

Contact Eidfjord Tourist Office for more information, map and alternative routes.