Taste Hardanger this autumn

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Delicious cider and apple juice, homemade jam, lamb and cured meat. Come explore Norway's biggest fruit garden, visit the fruit farmers and enjoy delicious drops of gold, local food and culture in Hardanger.


This time of year is at its busiest in Hardanger, which is great! The autumn is the high season for vegetables and fruits like potatoes, carrots, plums and of course the famous apples from Hardanger. As we speak, hundreds and thousands of apples are harvested, pressed and bottled. The result? Delicious apple cider, juice and jam that can be bought directly from the farms or stalls along the road and at local stores. This autumn has been one of the best fruit seasons in Hardanger ever and the fruit farmers have experienced unreal, if not historical, crops.

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The apple cider, also known as the drops of gold, are ready to be enjoyed just a couple of weeks after the apples have been pressed and bottled. And with as many as eight amazing cider producers and a rich selection of cider, fruit and local food in Hardanger you are guaranteed to discover something of your liking.

Tasty experiences in Hardanger

Aga Sideri

Aga Sideri is situated idyllically by the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang. Award-winning Hardanger Cider is produced here, and during a guided farm tour, you can taste and buy this local specialty.

Spildegarden Farm

For four generations, Spildegarden has produced tasty products in the idyllic fjord village of Øystese. It is not without reason that they are called the cider and apple juice specialist in Hardanger. At Jane and Geir...

Edel Cider, Åkre Farm

Situated on the west side of the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang, with a perfect location for growing the tasty Hardanger apples, you'll find the farm Åkre Gard. Fruit has been grown here for eight generations. In recent yea...

Fruit and Cider route, Ulvik

The fruit and cider route in Ulvik connects the fruit farms Ulvik Frukt & Cideri, Syse Gard and Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk. Join in on a guided tour for a unique peek "behind the scenes" or sample some scrumptious goods from the farmyard shops.

Ulvik Frukt & Cideri

Ulvik Frukt & Cideri is of the three farms part of the only Fruit- and Cidertrail in Norway. The farm offers tours and samples of their farmyard produce, including apple juice and cider.

Syse Gard

The farm Syse Gard is located along the fruit and cider route in Ulvik and is one of the three visitor farms. Syse Gard is a traditional Western-Norwegian farm with fruit growing and sheep farming. The farm is also an économusée.


Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local ...

Helleland Gard, cider farm

Buy, taste, and enjoy locally produced apple juice and cider from Hardanger at Helleland Farm in Lofthus. You can also book cider tastings with cheese and cured meat on the farm.

Fruit Trail

Fruit Trail. Easy walks among fruit orchards Starting point  The Fruit Trail is accessible from many places: Lofthus Camping, Hotel Ullensvang, Ullensvang Gjesteheim, Hardanger Youth Hostel, and from supermarket ...

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