This is why you should visit Hardanger this autumn

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Experiencing the Hardanger-autumn is a must! With beautiful colours and hiking opportunities, stunning landscape, and most tourists returned to civilization, this is where to travel.


If you want a break from everyday life, a romantic weekend or just a getaway, Hardanger has got you covered. How about immersing yourself in a warm hotel pool in the middle of Norway's largest orchard, surrounded by a majestic fjord landscape, or taking the accommodation to new heights in a treetop cabin? Whether you travel alone, with friends, with your partner or with the family, a high-hanging cabin or a fjord side stay always works like a charm.

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From lazy days by the fjord to fast days on the fjord, nothing gives you quite the same rush as a RIB tour with one of the several RIB operators in the Hardangerfjord region. With an array of tours ranging from a waterfall safari in Botnen to just cruising on the fjord, you have the option to tailor the experience to your own appetite. And speaking about appetite: The RIB tour can also be combined with a cider safari at one of the many farms where cider tasting, local food, and farm shops is on the menu. This is a lovely way to try "Cider from Hardanger", which, just like "Champagne", is a geographically protected brand name. If you're more of a landlubber, you always have the option to drive or walk from farm to farm on the fruit and cider route in Ulvik.

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Best in the west is also the hikes, and Hardanger has them in large numbers. Amid beautiful nature, impressive mountains, and lush orchards, HM Queen Sonja's panoramic hiking trail is particularly beautiful these days. With a beautiful view of the fjord along the entire route, you really get an up-close experience of the contrasts that the Hardanger nature has to offer.


Just a short drive away, you also find the starting point for Trolltunga, otherwise known as the most spectacular rock formation in Norway. From October 1st, the trail is only accessible with a guide, and get excited: These guides always take the scenic route. Trolltunga Adventures and Trolltunga Active guide you safe and (most times dry) up the newly-baked National Tourist Trail, gives you the inside scoop on hidden gems and best photo spots and is by far the best way to experience the impressive tongue-shaped stone plateau hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet.


Suppose you prefer something a little more straightforward and easily accessible. In that case, Husedalen valley is a good alternative. With several short and long hiking options, the nature and the four waterfalls is what makes you short of breath - not the hike itself. The same applies to Norway's most famous waterfall, Vøringsfossen. Standing at the newly built vantage point at Fossli Hotel that's accessible with both wheelchairs and strollers, you can truly feel the forces of nature as the waterfall plunges 183 meters down from the Hardangervidda plateau in Eidfjord.


Also accessible with a wheelchair, though with a powerful engine, is Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad. This is a beautiful destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. Pictures of the photo-friendly glacier water appear more and more frequently on social media, and it is not without reason. Try it out and see for yourself.


Hardanger and autumn. Some things just fit like a glove. Here, you will find autumn activities for everyone: families with children, active and hikers, adults, and the cultural minded. With its beautiful colours and hikes, several activities and accommodations options, well as the tranquilly that the nature and fjord provides, Hardanger is definitely the place to visit during the autumn. Welcome!

Other activities


Trolltunga is the most spectacular rock formation in Norway. At 1180 meters above sea level, is lies about 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatnet. From the top, you have a fantastic view. The hike to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal and leads through the high mountains.

Four beautiful waterfalls, Husedalen valley

The scenery and waterfalls in Husedalen simply take your breath away. Four stunning waterfalls are close to each other along the hiking trail from Kinsarvik up to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. A hike from the c...

Around Lake Fitjadalsvatnet

Around Lake Fitjadalsvatnet - through a varied cultural landscape Starting point Drive up from route 7 in Øystese. Follow signs to Fitjadalen. Start the hike at the southern end of Lake Fitjadalsvatnet, or at the...

Lake Bondhusvatnet

Bondhusvatnet glacier lake near Sundal in Kvinnherad is a popular destination and one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short and not demanding and you can do it all year round.

Art Gallery N. Bergslien

In connection with the Vøringfoss Hotel, Eidfjord has built a superb gallery to house the unique collection of Bergslien paintings. Here is also an opportunity to enjoy art from different artists.

Basic Fjordsafari from Øystese by RIB boat - Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience the fjord, steep mountains, waterfalls, and hidden gems on a RIB safari with Hardangerfjord Adventure. Daily departures from Øystese in Hardanger.

Heit Sørfjorden Sauna

Heit Sørfjorden Sauna offers a steaming sauna and a fresh bath in the fjord! Enjoy the view of the fjord, mountains, and glaciers from the beautiful sauna on Børve, 5.7 km south of Lofthus. The sauna is located a...

Edel Cider, Åkre Farm

Situated on the west side of the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang, with a perfect location for growing the tasty Hardanger apples, you'll find the farm Åkre Gard. Fruit has been grown here for eight generations. In recent yea...


The listed power station in Tyssedal is located directly by the Hardangerfjord. It is a mighty monument of the hydropower and industrial history that started here in early 1900. A visit to the Kraftmuseum explains Nor...

Folgefonn Centre

The Folgefonn Center is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. It includes modern, interactive exhibitions on topics such as geology, climate, the water cycle, and life in the Hardangerfjord. The Folgefonn center is easy to reach, for instance by speedboat from Bergen.

Fruit Trail

Fruit Trail. Easy walks among fruit orchards Starting point  The Fruit Trail is accessible from many places: Lofthus Camping, Hotel Ullensvang, Ullensvang Gjesteheim, Hardanger Youth Hostel, and from supermarket ...

Gallery G Guddal

At the beautiful Guddal farm 5 km south of Rosendal there is an art gallery with a café and rooms for hire. The farm has a long and interesting history, and was awarded the "Olavsrosa" from Norwegian Cultural Heritage...

Alde cider

Surrounded by steep mountains, the Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonna glacier, Alde Sider is idyllically located on Bleie farm in Sørfjorden. The juice and cider producer, which in 2018 was awarded the best in Norway, sells the noble drops from both the farm and Vinmonopolet (alcoholic beverage retailer).


The new Hardangerbadet is a multidisciplinary centre located down by the fjord in Øystese. A wide range of services are offered including swimming and training facilities, various health services, café and a salmon visitor centre. The core at the Hardangerbadet is the 25-meter competition pool, the family pool and the hydrotherapy pool.

Halsnøy Monastery

Feel the history and take a trip to Halsnøy Monastery. In the historical area, which dates back to the year 1163, there are guided tours, exhibitions, lectures and concerts throughout the year.

Hardanger Fjordsafari - 30 minutes RIB boat tour

Hardanger Fjordsafari offers 30-minute RIB boat tours for groups of 15-24 people.

Hardanger Fjordsafari - 60 minutes RIB boat tour

Hardanger Fjordsafari offers RIB boat tours from the harbor in Eidfjord. Join them on one of their trips, and you will get close to the impressive Hardangerfjord.

Hardanger Folk Museum

The Hardanger Folklore Museum is part of the Hardanger and Voss Museum and is located in Utne. In the main building you will find Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes, and folk music exhibitions. An open-air museum with several historical buildings is also part of the folklore museum.

Hardanger Maritime Museum

Family friendly maritime museum emphasizing activities and open workshops. You will experience ropemaking, forging and wooden boat building. You can make wooden figures, make ropes, build small boats and learn about k...

Hardanger Skyspace

Hardanger Skyspace is one of the well-known art installations by the American artist James Turrell. Through a colorful light installation, you can watch and experience sunrises and sunsets in a special way. The Hardanger Skyspace is part of the Kabuso Art Centre in Øystese.

Aga Sideri

Aga Sideri is situated idyllically by the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang. Award-winning Hardanger Cider is produced here, and during a guided farm tour, you can taste and buy this local specialty.


Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local ...


Experience the Vøringsfossen waterfall - the most famous waterfall in Norway!

Helleland Gard, cider farm

Buy, taste, and enjoy locally produced apple juice and cider from Hardanger at Helleland Farm in Lofthus. You can also book cider tastings with cheese and cured meat on the farm.

Cultural trail in Herand

A well-managed and looked-after hiking trail through unique cultural landscape that suits most difficulty levels.

Hereiane - a unique, rocky landscape

A hike through unique, rocky landscape with fantastic views over the village of Herand.

Kabuso Art Centre & Ingebrigt Vik Museum

Kabuso has temporary exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements through the year. The art installation Hardanger Skyspace by the American artist James Turrell gives you a magic light experience. The ingegrigt Vik mu...

Kjeåsen Mountain Farm in Eidfjord

High above the fjord, at an altitude of 600 meters, the two farms are located at Kjeåsen. You can both drive and hike up to enjoy the spectacular views.

Lake Movatnet - an easy walk from Steinsdalsfossen waterfall

Starting point: Steinsdalsfossen waterfall About the trail: From the shops at Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, walk 60 meters towards Rosseland, and turn right following the road signposted "Fjærabygda". Follow the ...

Låtefoss Waterfall

The twin waterfall Låtefossen in the Odda valley has a height of 165 meters and has been a popular travel destination since the 19th century. The waterfall is easily accessible - located directly by the main road 13 between Odda and Rødal.

Local farm shop in Øystese

In the farm shop in the center of Øystese, you can buy locally produced specialties and delicacies from other Norwegian small and medium-sized producers. Here you will find traditional bakery products, juices, Hardanger cider, jams, honey, and meat products.

Norwegian Nature Center - Hardanger

The Norwegian Nature Center Hardanger is a modern nature and cultural-historical experience center in Øvre Eidfjord.

Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger

The Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger takes you through a mighty fjord landscape. On your way, you will get close to the fjord, mountains, waterfalls, and fruit farms.

Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda

The Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda takes you from the high mountain plateau Hardangervidda, at 1250 meters, to the shore of the Hardangerfjord. A stop at the Vøringsfossen waterfall is a must!

Olav H. Hauge Centre

Into poetry? Learn more about renowned Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge at this interactive exhibition about his life and works. You may also spend time in the library, the poetry workshop, and the café at the bottom floor by the fjord.

Rosendal Stone Park

The stone park is located centrally in Rosendal and is connected to the Folgefonna National Park. Here you can see a collection of different types of stone from the region and exhibitions with prehistoric themes.

Røldal Stave Church

The Røldal stave church was built around 1200 and is known for its crucifix, which according to legend has healing powers. The church is centrally located in Røldal and was one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Norway in the Middle Ages, and even until 1835.

Sentralbadet Litteraturhus

Sentralbadet literature house is a cultural center on the factory site in downtown Odda.

Spildegarden Farm

For four generations, Spildegarden has produced tasty products in the idyllic fjord village of Øystese. It is not without reason that they are called the cider and apple juice specialist in Hardanger. At Jane and Geir...

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Walk safe and dry behind one of Norway's most popular waterfalls. Steinsdalsfossen near Norheimsund, is easily accessible right next to the road.

Syse Gard

The farm Syse Gard is located along the fruit and cider route in Ulvik and is one of the three visitor farms. Syse Gard is a traditional Western-Norwegian farm with fruit growing and sheep farming. The farm is also an économusée.

The Goldfish Lake

You can feed "goldfi sh" here! The goldfi sh in question are Ide, released into Skårsvatnet in 1914. Good picnic and bathing area. Featured on NRK - Norsk attraksjon 2009 (Norwegian attraction 2009). The Goldfish Lake...

The National Park Farm

The National Park Farm at Buer is Odda's gateway to Folgefonna National Park. As an ideal starting point for trips to both Buarbreen and Reinanuten, Buer has been a popular destination as long as it has been tourists in Hardanger.

The Valley of Waterfalls

Oddadalen - a beautiful piece of untouched countryside along Route 13! In this unique valley the waterfalls are lined up like pearls on a string within a radius of only a few kilometres. The waterfalls are: Tjørnadals...

Tyssedal Via Ferrata - Trolltunga Active

Did you know that most of Norway's electricity today is generated by hydropower? On this guided Via Ferrata climb with Trolltunga Active in Tyssedal you will experience how this development started.

Ulvik Frukt & Cideri

Ulvik Frukt & Cideri is of the three farms part of the only Fruit- and Cidertrail in Norway. The farm offers tours and samples of their farmyard produce, including apple juice and cider.

Visit the salmon farm by RIB boat – Hardanger Akvasenter

Hardanger Akvasenter is an informative visitor center for aquaculture. It includes a modern, interactive exhibition in the Hardangerbadet building in Øystese and a floating salmon farm in full production on the Hardan...

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