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Workation in Hardanger

Who decided that adventures are solely for vacations? Bring your work to Hardanger and explore everything our region has to offer!

Combining work and vacation as a “workation” has been gaining popularity in recent years, and the concept is simple: you travel to a destination, work remotely, and explore the destination during your free time. Is this a productive way to work, you might wonder?

Workations have shown to increase productivity, well-being and creativity, as well as reducing the risk of burnout and stress by allowing employees to recharge and explore new environments. In other words, going on workations might be exactly what your company should be doing!

Here are five reasons to why Hardanger is the perfect workation destination

Tired of the everyday office work? Here are five reasons to why you should bring your work to Hardanger!



Whether you work creatively and find direct inspiration in beautiful surroundings or find the scenic surroundings grounding and meditative, the natural beauty of Hardanger will most likely affect you. Fruit blossoming, rushing waterfalls, glacier landscape, fjord arms, snow-capped mountain peaks…the breathtaking views are endless.

The concept of workation might be new, but seeking to Hardanger for inspiration have been practiced for centuries. Its picturesque landscape and rich cultural heritage have inspired many artists and musicians over the years, like Adolph Tidemand and Hans Gude. The two artists were so inspired by Hardanger’s nature and culture that it lead to the creation of the painting “Brudeferd i Hardanger" (eng: “A wedding cermony in Hardanger”).

Brudeferd i hardanger

Another artist that found inspiration in Hardanger was the composer Edvard Grieg. He composed several of his greatest works in the poet’s room at hotel Ullensvang during his many summers spent in Hardanger. Hotel Ullensvang has since become a landmark destination for music lovers, with musical events and concerts held throughout the year, like Hardanger musical festival.

The natural beauty of Hardanger have also drawn royalty to Hardanger, and our very own Norwegian queen, H. M. queen Sonja, grew very fond of Hardanger during her many visits to Lofthus and hotel Ullensvang. She especially enjoys hiking in the panoramic mountains of Hardanger, and her favourite trail has actually been named after her, namely Dronningstien (eng: “The Queen’s hike”).


Similar to the visitors of Hardanger, locals also found inspiration in their living surroundings. Olav H. Hauge, a local poet known for his works about nature and life, found a lot of inspiration for his poems in Ulvik where he lived. Hauge quickly became an important man for the Norwegian written language called “Nynorsk”, and after his passing the Hauge centre was dedicated to his work and is now a place where visitors can dive into his creative mind.

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Because of nature being easy accessible in Hardanger the distance from the desktop to adventures is short, and Hardanger offer a wide range of fun and exciting leisure activities. Wether you are up for a adrenaline rush in Via Ferrata, an exciting rib boat tour on the fjord or meditative lake kayaking, guiding companies like Trolltunga Active, Trolltunga Adventures, Hardangerfjord Adventure and Folgefonni glacier team are ready to make your stay memorable.

Experience a snow-covered Trolltunga during sunset, go ski touring with a 360 degree fjord view or get a glimpse of the wildlife along the Hardangerfjord. Activities like these can be perfect for company team building and be a much-needed break from work. During winter and early spring Røldal ski resort offer great skiing in one og Europe’s most snowrich areas. This is definitely the place to visit for magical powder skiing. From early summer and until fall you can explore Folgefonna glacier together with Folgefonni glacier team and Hardanger breføring, while the Hardangerfjord offer fun adventures all year around, including fast-speed rib boat tours, kayaking and swimming. Activities like these are great for team building and are perfect for breaking up the work sessions.



The fjord and mountain view from the hotel windows is unbelieveable, and hotels like hotel Ullensvang, Vøringfoss hotel and Hardangerfjord hotel got first row seats for the fjord and mountain show. The hotels are also facilitated with meeting and conference rooms of modern technology, making working remotely from Hardanger easier than ever. From hotel Ullensvang the distances are short to popular hikes like Trolltunga, Dronningstien and Husedalen valley, and Vøringfoss hotel is just a short drive away from breathtaking views like Kjeåsen Mountain Farm, Vøringsfossen waterfall and Hardangervidda National Park.

If you really want to live in the history books of Hardanger the 300 year old Utne hotel is the place for you. When stepping over the doorstep and into Norway's oldest wooden hotel, a history line of strong female leaders and cultural heritage meets you.

Woodnest 1398 p 1080

If you are up for a more close-to-nature-experience, a tree top hut is perfect for you. You’ve might seen it on social media, the big pinnacle up in the hillside of the small fjord city Odda. Woodnest offers a sweet mixture of luxury and wilderness. Hardanger Panorama Lodge in Ulvik is another treetop gem. With nearby hiking and skiing trails you will be sure to get the most out of your workation staying here. Hardanger fjordtun got cozy cabins with stunning views of the fjord, and with squirells and birds popping up around every corner you'd be sure to feel close to nature.

Breathing in the fresh fjord air and taking in the massiveness of the surrounding mountains brings calmness and peace, but if that isn’t enough to lower your resting heart rate there are plenty of ways to do so in Hardanger. Unwind with a visit to Heit Sørfjorden sauna combined with a refreshing dip in the fjord, relax at the pool wellness area of hotel Ullensvang or do some laps at Hardangerbadet. If you really want to find deep relaxation a spa treatment at Vøringfoss hotel might be just what you need.

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A treasure trove of cultural heritage

We’ve already mentioned Olav H. Hauge and his poetry, but the cultural heritage of Hardanger does not stop here. Another local that was inspired by Hardanger was Ingebrigt Vik, a modernist artist and sculptor. He inspired many with his bold and modern work and have mentored several aspiring artists. Today, his legacy lives on through the Ingebrigt Vik Museum, which is a part of Kabuso art centre. Here, a variety of Vik’s work is presented as well as contemporary art and designs from both Norwegian and international artists. This includes the art installation Hardanger Skyspace, which changes colour as the weather and light outside changes.

Gallery G Guddal is another contemporary art gallery. A charming farm gallery showcasing up and coming artists from around the world. Both art galleries also hosts events and workshops like artist talks, film screenings, concerts and guided tours.


When we are speaking of cultural heritage we cannot fail to mention the old hydropower station in Tyssedal. The power station is now a museum carrying the industrial history of Hardanger. Walk in the footsteps of Norwegian hydropower industry and learn more about how they utilized water to produce electricity.

Other important members of Hardanger's cultural diversity are the barony in Rosendal, Agatunet, Hardanger folk museum, Hardanger maritime museum and the Folgefonn centre, which all showcase the richness and diversity of Hardanger throughout the years.


A taste of Hardanger

Hardanger is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the taste buds. Delicious locally produced apple juice and cider, fruit, meat and seafood are just some of the tasty experiences that meets you. The farmers around the Hardangerfjord have dedicated their life to developing the best fruit and fruit products for you to endulge in. It’s pretty unique to just stop by the road and buy a jar of jam or a bottle of apple juice produced 50 meters up the hill - does it get more short-travelled than that? Several of the farmers also offer tastings and farm tours where you can deep dive into the life of a farmer in Hardanger. Instead of inviting inspiring and successful people to speak at your company, why don’t just go visit them instead? From Spring until Autumn The Fjords cruises around the Hardangerfjord, taking you on a fjord and cider safari visiting the farmers. In Ulvik, you can walk from farmer to farmer on the fruit and cider route.

Hardanger also houses a number of restaurants and cafés. From luxury Buer restaurant, the solid restaurant Glime, to the cider experts at the cider house Ola K - every place offer a unique and authentic atmosphere where locally produced ingredients are put together in the most delicious courses. The green café is the perfect spot for working remotely and dining in between work sessions.

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To summarize, there are plenty of reasons on why Hardanger is the perfect workation destination.

Still haven’t convinced yourself or your boss to plan a workation in Hardanger?

Here are a few quick facts to seal the deal:

  1. Traveling during low season is less expensive and the most popular places like Trolltunga, Vøringsfossen waterfall and Dronningstien are less crowded.
  2. Studies show that employees that go on workations are more productive, creative and satisfied at their workplace.
  3. Hardanger got plenty of locations with top quality facilities which makes working remotely super easy.
  4. Hardanger is a region where the contrasts are huge - from rushing waterfalls and raw mountain peaks to lush blossoming and relaxing experiences. In other words, the potential for being inspired and recharged is pretty great.
  5. Hardanger houses a lot of successful people including farmers, hotel directors, fiddle makers, chefs or mountain guides. They all got their own unique and inspirational stories to tell - maybe hearing their story will inspire you as well?

Have a good workation in Hardanger!

Plan Your Workation


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